Customer Portal

Allow your customers to manage their account, update their contact details, make payments and apply for a loan. Includes a full messaging system to your support center.
  • Make payments & download statements
  • Apply for a loan & view loan schedules
  • Request settlement figures
  • Update contact details & contact agents
  • Add new payment card
  • Upload verification documents


Our creditworthiness decision engine will detect and analyse customers for potential discrepancies. The engine is fully configurable to suit your business requirements.
  • Analyze customer data
  • Fully configurable
  • Trigger alerts and refer customers
  • Decision score breakdown
  • Override declined & referred applications

Assessment Of Affordability

Our assessment of affordability tool will automatically pull in CRA data and cross reference the input fields with ONS data based on household.
  • CRA Data automatically added
  • ONS cross reference
  • Request documents based on aoa answers
  • Automatically work out income & expenditure
  • Figures can be added as weekly, monthly or yearly


There's even more to love

Enriched Dashboards

You have a number of custom built dashboards that supply everything you need to know about how your business is performing at a glance.

Dynamic Reports

Using our report builder, you have access to all your information at a few clicks of a button. The system also comes with several industry standard reports.


Put your mind at ease, we handle everything when submitting to GABRIEL and CAIS. All you have to do is review your submission and click send.

Credit Referencing

Power of knowledge at your fingertips. Gather data about your customers to make more well informed decisions.


Integrated tools to help you run and expand your business

APIs and Integrations

We are partnered with payment gateways, mail distributors and credit referencing agencies to ensure a seamless transition.


A built in marketing tool allows you to build SMS, Email and Letter shots to your customers, with in-built email and letter builders with placeholders and substitutes.

Payment Gateways

We are partnered with payment gateways which allows you to set up automated payments at specific times of day with a secondary collection if a payment fails.

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Will I be compliant with the FCA if I use this software?

Yes. We will keep the system up to date with the latest regulatory changes.

  • How much staffing costs can I save?

ALP automates as much as possible. It is estimated that you will cut 35% of staffing costs when utilising ALP to the fullest.

  • How will this improve my customer relationship?

Better communications with the customers to ensure good customer outcomes and increased commercial opportunities. The portal allows the customer to talk to you directly, raising any concerns there an then.

  • Will this improve efficiency?
Your staff have an auto-generated list of actions to complete on a day to day basis. Set up your commission structure to reward task completion, increasing productivity.
  • What if I need a bespoke module specific to my business?
Bespoke works are carried out in a timely well-cost manner that keeps your business at the cutting edge.
  • My data, can it be imported?
No matter where you are coming from, we will be able to import all of your data and documents.
  • Will the adhere to my business rules?
The entire system can be customised to your exact liking, there is no lack of configuration options.
  • I've introduced a new position at my business, how can I set that up in Lendware?
Build your company hierarchy within the system and provide each role with their unique permission sets, allowing full control over who can access what.
  • How do I acquire customers?
The built in application process takes a customer from start to finish, capturing all the relevant information, uploading of documents, signing of legal agreements and finalising the loan.


We will be in touch with you within 24 hours.