Loan management software for lenders by experienced developers

Lendware is a hosted software platform developed to your needs to help with the smooth running and expansion of your business.
lending software

Financial Software Specialists

Experienced software developers specialising in financial systems


Our systems run on Google's Cloud servers, powered by frameworks that are open source and maintained daily.​


Use any device and the page will adapt to fit your screen. Buttons will enlarge and shrink, making usability easy.​


We guarantee that we will meet your expectations, if not exceed them, as we are very passionate about what we do.​

Our all in one lending software solution

Customer Portal

Your customers will be able to log on and view their loans, make payments and update their contact details from anywhere in the world.

The Journey

Lendware will do everything from acquiring the customer, to facilitating the loan. Start with an application and end with a smart decision.


We do everything within our power to make sure that you are FCA compliant. On top of this we will submit your data to GABRIEL along with your CAIS SHARE data.

Credit Worthiness

Our fully configurable and automated credit worthiness decision engine.


The system will automatically make informed decisions for you based on the data and criteria provided. Payments are taken directly via our integration with FirstData.


Going paperless will reduce costs greatly. Stationary, automatic mailing and personnel.