Why choose Slick Solutions?

Slick Solutions is a pioneering fintech loan company that is revolutionizing the way lenders operate and boost profits through smart software solutions tailored and designed for maximum operating efficiency specific to each business we partner with.

Since our inception in 2018, we have dedicated ourselves to building the perfect lending platform and delivering customized software solutions that streamline all facets of our clients’ businesses – from lending and repaying, to marketing, detailed reporting and so much more.

Founded in 2018

PCI DSS Compliant

PCI DSS Regulatory compliance

We are meticulous in our approach and carefully configure every single process and detail within our software systems to comply with the latest recommendations and legal regulations determined by PCI. The parameters and framework for risk assessment designed within our software systems are unparalleled ensuring that our clients do not infringe on PCI standards set by local market financial legislation.

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